Follow Up #2

We are all going fast- a lot is happening. I was going too fast.

I can’t explain why, but from my brain to my bones, everything tells me to do whatever I can to get soup made. It is important. Too many people are losing their jobs too fast – people are scared – some are getting sick. This is happening – we have to go fast.

I started the day by pissing my team off by going too fast… I thought about slowing down for a minute.


  • Chefs started sending pictures of soup they were cooking.
  • MAD emailed asking to post the message.
  • A restaurant association called asking if they could share with 4,500 members.
  • I listened to Brian Koppelman’s Podcast telling us that the world needs soup right now.
  • We started cooking.

By the end of the day, we had the first 150 gallons of soup finished and packed. Prep for hundreds of gallons more started – Dozens of restaurants from around the world joining our team ready to make soup.

Whoa – this is working.

I often have wild ideas that I can’t seem to shake, while trying to figure out if they are good or bad. (I still think a bar with puppies would have worked in college). These ideas often stay in my head until the next one comes along – I almost never share but here is one of them.

I need to talk to Tony Robbins…
Sounds crazy right??

But follow my train of thought –
Tony Robbins is trying to feed 1 BILLION people in 8 years (for real – check it out on his website
We have chefs from all over stepping up to cook food.
Tony must buy food in order to feed all those people…
why not buy a million gallons of soup from the chefs of the world – the community of chefs who just got sideswiped by all of this.

It’s pretty prefect right?

Tony Robbins, if you are interested in a million gallons of soup, we’ll get it cooked.

I can’t believe that two of the priorities in my life right now are a million gallons of soup and meeting Tony Robbins – but they are.

If anyone can help us with either of these crazy tasks – please help… we need it.