Update #1

Update #1


The last day and a half were surreal. From a health standpoint – most everyone seems healthy which makes all of this feel off. Yet, many are sick and there is an economic bomb slowly exploding in front of us.

Yesterday alone, an incredible percentage of NY restaurant workers lost their jobs. More will follow in the coming days. I spoke with chefs who are my role models in the industry – many were in tears – they have a few days of money left and then their life’s work is gone. Yet, they are most worried about their teams –

These are the people we are setting out to help.

In the last day Million Gallons has gone from an idea to the start of something.

Yesterday we circulated a letter calling for chef’s to join us. Local and national media picked it up, shared and came back asking how to help. The James Beard Foundation was looped in. It was shared with a restaurant group of 4000 members. Local media outlets are sharing with the public. It is moving.

A functioning website and social media pages went live. Restaurants are starting to register – At this point we have 15k gallons of soup pledged. www.milliongallons.com & @milliongallons

We worked with accountants to properly connect an existing non profit entity to a gofundme campaign. The non profit has pledged $100k and the first outside gofundme contribution came in last night.

We also began logistics conversations with local food pantries and have arranged internal logistics with local freezer facilities, warehouses and bus companies.

I want to thank everyone on this email for the help you have provided and for believing in us.

Something is happening – no one really knows what but we have decided on a path and have gotten started. Every journey starts with just one step…we took more than a few yesterday. Thank you to everyone.

Eric Korn