A Plan

A Plan

Dear Chefs,

This is probably the most important email I will write in my entire life. Please listen.

This COVID thing has gotten scary. No one really knows what to do or what’s coming…but it’s big.
We’ll be talking to our grandchildren about this and it hasn’t even started.

For 9/11 and Sandy, the restaurant industry ran in to help. This is like that. It is time to run in and help. The emergency is here.

In the coming days, the shutdowns will happen. This is happening. Restaurants will be closed- the decision is already made for you. Grocery stores are out of items now – in 2 weeks?

These are the times that leaders stand up and lead – as an industry we are leaders.

Here is the plan –

We cook for people and it is time to cook.
When someone gets sick, we cook soup.

All of our walk in boxes are full of produce that is going to waste. This can’t happen when in 2 weeks our communities will be looking for food.

I am committing to cook 1000 gallons of soup over the next 2 days. Dave Dibari, Demitri, Mogan Anthony, Scott Frantagelo and Navjot Aurora do too. Louie Lanza has committed to 3,000 gallons through his restaurant group. That is 9,000 gallons of soup that we’ll all need soon – it will be pretty good too. The Lanza Family Foundation has also donated $100,000 to help the cause.

Together, all of us can cook 1,000,000 gallons.

This is happening fast and we are figuring out the details as fast as we can.

If you cook soup we will help get you quart containers and coordinate getting it to the community.

Please register your restaurant with us www.milliongallons.com so that we can communicate with you as we figure this out.

In two weeks, our city and maybe our country will be faced with figuring out food. This is one of those rare times in our lives where we truly have the opportunity to step up – to make our moms proud. Please join us.

We need help with getting this message out. In the near future, we will need help with the coordination of logistics. Please share this and reach out with any ideas.